WPMU DEV - WP Defender - V2.6.5

Version: 2.6.5

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30 Nov 2021 - Version 2.6.5

- Enhance: Add User Agent Banning to Configs

- Enhance: Add User Agent ban status to Log filters

- Enhance: Prevent PHP Execution exceptions

- Enhance: Modify API logic to work with The Hub

- Enhance: Proper validation message for Firewall IP list

- Enhance: Remove outdated scheduled actions

- Enhance: New WP-CLI commands for scheduled actions

- Enhance: PHP 8.1 compatibility

- Enhance: Hide vulnerability warnings after plugin update

- Enhance: Log improvements

- Enhance: False positive improvements

- Fix: Blank dialogue modal shown after login

- Fix: Staff user role blocked when accessing via WPMU DEV Dashboard

- Fix: Malware Scanning progress 'undefined' when session expires

- Fix: Login without completing reCAPTCHA conditions

- Fix: Unable to upload CSV file on MU site

- Fix: Error during malware scanning

- Fix: Typo in Security Recommendations

18 Nov 2021 - Version 2.6.4

Fix: Allow admin-post.php on Mask Login Area

05 Nov 2021 - Version 2.6.2

- New: Plugin vulnerability warnings

- New: Import & export User Agent list

- New: Highlight new features in Welcome modal

- Enhance: Update SUI to latest version

- Enhance: Update Upsell buttons

- Enhance: Dashboard widget changes

- Enhance: Update IP Banning Import-Export icon and note

- Enhance: Replace Login Protection 'Deactivate' icon

- Fix: Some malicious files not flagged

- Fix: Malicious plugin not detected

- Fix: Defender continually creating scheduled actions

- Fix: Audit Logging creating duplicate post entries

- Fix: Audit Logging creating user record on multisite

- Fix: Mask URL not working correctly on WordPress installed in subdirectory

- Fix: reCAPTCHA error thrown on theme login modal

25 Oct 2021 - Version 2.6.1

- New: Google reCAPTCHA integration with WooCommerce plugin

- New: "What's New" modal hidden on fresh installs

- Enhance: Upgrade required minimum PHP version

- Enhance: Unlock active lockouts using WP CLI

- Enhance: Show more detailed log with Audit Logging

- Enhance: Audit Logging on subsites

- Enhance: Rename Feature Policy header to Permission Policy header

- Enhance: "Send notifications when Defender couldn't scan the files" not working

- Enhance: Set a time limit to cancel malware scanning

- Enhance: Mobile view improvements

- Enhance: Add log entry when signing in with 2FA

- Enhance: Change "Basic config" to "Basic Config"

- Enhance: Save a post as Draft and see 3 entries created in Audit log on multisite

- Enhance: Add "Activate" button instead of "Continue" when activating the Notification

- Enhance: Hide malware scan filter when there is no issue

- Enhance: Remove Academy link

- Fix: Audit log duplicates when updating menu items

- Fix: Max countdown showing 24 hours instead of 72 hours

- Fix: Conflict with WooCommerce Payments

- Fix: Typo in User Agent Banning Allowlist UI

- Fix: Issue with 2FA flow

- Fix: Getting PHP Notice / warming on malware scanning

- Fix: Google reCAPTCHA for comments doesn't work with HB Lazy Load

- Fix: Redirect to optimal URL on 2FA OTP success in custom login page

- Fix: Incorrect Google reCAPTCHA error Code for multisite user registration

- Fix: PHP version shows null inside the recommendation

- Fix: Aren't able to explore Recommendations on our hosting

22 Sep 2021 - Version 2.6.0

- New: User Agent banning

- New: "What's New" modal hidden on fresh installs

- Enhance: Update Firewall filters and widgets to include User Agent lockouts

- Enhance: Add Countdown timer on the lockout screen

- Enhance Update IP Banning Blocklist/Allowlist UI

- Enhance: Update misaligned pagination on Firewall Logs page

- Fix: GEOIP.PHP issue in Defender Pro

- Fix: Update Malware Scanning loopback request params to same as WP core

- Fix: Can't login using WooCommerce's login/registration forms when Defender reCAPTCHA is enabled

- Fix: PHP version recommendation

- Fix: Integrate Defender password features with activated 2FA feature

- Fix: Issue with activated Mask Login Area and 2FA features

- Fix: Malware Scanning reports not sent on MU sites

27 Aug 2021 - Version 2.5.7

Fix: Firewall Locations ban issue

30 Jun 2021 - Version 2.5.4

- New: Google reCAPTCHA for WordPress login/register/password reset pages

- New: Highlight new features in welcome modal

- Enhance: Compatibility with WordPress 5.8

- Enhance: Update WP-CLI scan options

- Enhance: Tools dashboard widget

- Fix: Locations feature not working on Flywheel hosting

- Fix: Warnings with PHP version 7.4

- Fix: Password reset page showing if users from any subsite try to save pwned password

- Fix: Guest User under Malware Scanning Notification

- Fix: Various issues with notifications in Defender

- Fix: Can't update email when mask login enabled

- Fix: Minor typo in Dashboard modal

- Fix: Issue Details section not showing code

- Fix: Hide notice on Configs page

18 Jun 2021 - Version 2.5.3
07 Jun 2021 - Version 2.5.2
06 Apr 2021 - Version 2.4.10
19 Mar 2021 - Version 2.4.9
14 Mar 2021 - Version 2.4.8
03 Mar 2021 - Version 2.4.7
30 Nov 2020 - Version 2.4.3
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